Do you think that is wise trying to fix an Apple iPhone yourself? Repairing an Apple iPhone yourself can turn a lovely feature rich mobile communication device into a paperweight. It does not matter if you are trying to repair an older Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS or the 4G, it is not worth the risk.


What could possibly go wrong?


If you do not know what you are doing you can run into serious hurdles trying to mend an Apple iPhone. You hear the horror stories of people making serious mistakes when trying the self-repair route. Such as people trying to change their back cover only to make the iPhone turn off ad-hoc from then onwards!


You could hurt yourself whilst attempting the repair. Not only on the internal parts of the Apple iPhone, but using tools.


Waiting for parts……


Waiting for Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS or 4G parts can take time. Depending on your Apple iPhone problem, possibly precious time you are not using the iPhone or using a much needed feature.


Maybe the camera has broken? Then no capturing moments in digital format. Photos not being sent to social networks, neither emailed to friends or family. Those video clips not being recorded on days out, all because you are waiting on parts from afar.


Perhaps it is more serious and the front screen has broken. The glass smashed and the digitiser needs replacing?


The best part about using our service is that we have the parts already on-site. With our 48 hour turnaround service, it means the Apple iPhone will quickly be back with you. Whereas if you had been waiting up-to a week for parts alone, you would then have had to wait until you had a chance to attempt a repair.


Electrical Equipment


No offense intended, but using electrical equipment can be dangerous and only a qualified electrician should attempt to repair an Apple iPhone. Not only is it safer, but the Apple iPhone will be mended correctly. The damaged Apple iPhone quickly becomes a fully functioning device once again.


So what do I do?


Okay this article is being written by an Apple repair service, but the advice is genuine and honest. Attempting a repair yourself of an Apple iPhone repair can be a waste of your time, costly and dangerous.


Instead if you are in the UK, you should use our Apple iPhone repair centre. You post the phone, and once we receive the iPhone, we fix it within 48 hours. We have qualified engineers and we communicate to you when we receive the iPhone and when we send it back.  We provide quick, simple and painless Apple iPhone repairs covering England, Scotland and Wales.


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